My weird combination of food for a meal at Mei Heong Yuen Desserts! I recall eating the 3-colour cakes (essential yam cake, carrot cake and pumpkin cake) at the chinatown branch years ago and I remembered that I was so unsatisfied with it because it was cold and not appetising. But this time round, it was served pipping hot and I enjoyed it so much! (Maybe also because I was famished haha) amongst the 3 I liked the pumpkin cake the most! Followed by the yam cake and then the carrot cake. It went well with both the sambal chilli and the sour spicy chilli (self service the second chilli from the counter). End off this meal with a mango roll ($3.5), something that I have eyed for a long time but always can't bear to pay $3.5. essentially a coconut jelly wrapped around fresh mango slices. Thumbs up for this meal!!