One of those places that tick all my boxes for a great meal out - taste, interior & service. First off, the bold colors, wall murals & neon signs were a feast for the eyes even before I sat down. Staff were really friendly & attentive.

We ordered the rice bowl & noodle bowl with their 3 specialty meats - roasted pork, char siu & roasted duck. My dining partner was pleasantly surprised to find that her rice bowl came with chicken rice and was commenting about how good their chilli is.

The noodle bowl was a surprise too - the noodles were tossed in this fragrant mix (of what looks like mince meat and pork lard?). I’m not usually a fan of roast duck so I can’t comment much. While i really enjoyed the crispy skin on the roast pork, i still find it a tad too fatty for my liking. But all was good by dunking the pieces of meat into the chilli. The char siu on the other hand, while also fatty, won my heart. I had thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it given how much fats I could see but when I put it into my mouth, I surprised by how melt-in-the-mouth it was. SO GOOD. Where did the fats go haha.. it just melted. I loved the sweet yet slightly charted bitterness of their char siu.

So going to order a whole a plate of char siu on my return visit.