I have been eating this almost once every month for awhile now, but still not sick of it! This is the kind of the comfort that is so good that I do not mind eating it often! My typical orders here are the banmian soup/dry with meatball! On this visit however, we wanted to get the meehoonkueh soup version for the other bowl, but somehow the orders were not taken properly and we got a banmian soup instead (their staff communication seems to have a lot of issues, as other customer also seemed to have got their orders wrong too ohwell).

But anw, L32 has opened a new stall at Aljunied market area at 118 Aljunied Ave 2! They are located at the second floor foodcourt (above sheng shiong)! This foodcourt is air conditioned and there is much more space (shorter queue it seems too)! So if you will like to try this, head to their newer outlet instead of the original outlet at Lorong 32 Geylang (long queue, long wait, not enough seats, non-airconditioned, table dining along the road)