It is most unfortunate I had the case of the sniffles as I chowed down on this bowl...the worst part of a cold (to me) isn't the hacking or runny nose, its that I can't eat. 😭

But still!! Enjoyed this $21 bowl of lavish goodness a lot. I had it done medium, and it came so super juicy and perfect. The beef slices were such a joy to eat. Just so soft and tender and barely required any chewing. Even through a badly stuffed nose I could taste the intense meaty flavor. (couldn't taste any garlic though, but again, blocked nose) Break the wobbly onsen egg and let the yolk coat the rice and meat with the rich golden lava, and enjoy the moment of culinary heaven.

The rice though, seemed to be just normal long grain rice, which was a pity because I think the softer starchier Japanese shortgrain would have been better. The whole restaurant was rather cramped and service seemed a little snappy. Still, quite enjoyed my first visit to this too-popular Japanese bar!