Almost gave up looking for dessert and was on my way to promenade MRT when I stumbled upon this unassuming dessert and drinks shop. Yenly Yours focuses on 2 main fruits of Thailand - mango and coconut (and with a little bit of strawberry as well). Using these few fruits, they come up with different permutations of how it can be made into dessert - some pudding, some shakes, some sticky rice. I got this shake, which has its base as coconut, and topped off with mango jelly and mango cubes in teaser size (their smallest size). I was pleasantly surprised by how refreshing it was. Admittedly, the coconut shake was more icy than smooth, and with obvious bits that would be left on your tongue. But it still tasted good! The mango jelly however, was weird and did not have a distinctive taste. The mango cubes were sweet and good though :) whilst eating, I saw many people stopping buy to takeaway, which made me wonder why havenโ€™t I noticed this place before! I think I would try their full coconut drink - with coconut shake and coconut sago, instead of mixing it with mango elements. Service staff was really friendly๐Ÿ˜Š