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You usually see Mee Siam, Mee Rebus, Mee Goreng........but Mee Bandung?
My chance encounter with this dish dates back to my SAJC days where the only muslim stores in the canteen will serve this on alternate Fridays at limited portion (very limited edition hor?)
It then became a ritual on Thursdays evening after basketball practice to ask the Auntie whether it was available the next day. Sadly, Friday are always the longest day of the week for me without any breaks! I would often chiong down straight after class to check in for a bowl of this savoury sweet goodness!! So much so that the Auntie always remembers to specially keep a portion for me 😍Till then I couldn't find a similar ones comparable to her rendition! Yesterday, for supper I had Mr Prata Mee Bandung ( not much places sell it... so... see must try liao) unfortunately, it wasn't as good. This version was more spicy, sourish savoury kind. But really appetising gravy I would say! And it sure brought back some college memories of mine!! Let me know if you know of this dish as well and whether there is a place that sells good Mee Bandung!! #Hawkerpedia