I need to confess: I have been binge-watching Korean dramas during Circuit Breaker and I finally satisfied my tteokbokki (Korean rice cake) craving at Red Holic! The Pork Cutlet Tteokbokki ($25.80 for 2-3 pax) came with pork cutlet, fish cake, egg, cabbage, fried dumpling and a variety of carbs such as tteokbokki, glass noodles, ramyeon and something that resembles chee cheong fun. The sweet and spicy sauce is really addictive - do note that the original spicy level is already quite potent. The tteokbokki is soft and chewy, and the sweet potato and cheese tteokbokki are very good as well. The fried pork cutlet and dumpling get soft quite quickly, so do eat them first. We also ordered a few side dishes. The chicken feet ($15) is tasty and even spicier than the tteokbokki. It is a little tough though - would be nice if it is softer! We cleaned the whole pan of tteokbokki by the end of the meal - super full and satisfied:) 잘먹었습니다!

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