The fried porridge was special, had this tzechar claypot smell, with bits and pieces of taro and shredded meat in it. Fried beehoon was v fine, but the ingredients were just too pathetic for a $6 portion. As for the chicken I found it too dry. And it was v difficult to eat with all the bones in it.
(Hehehe and we both almost found ourselves without cash when paying for the order (luckily it was before we ate it). I only had $2 in my wallet 😱.Thankfully he had emergency money hidden in his wallet 🙊🙊. Me don't bring a lot of cash around - my mentality is if I don't have cash with me, it makes it more difficult for me to buy things (usually food and snacks) and will make me rethink my decision lol) #burpple