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$4 for this food coma-inducing plate of sin from Dapur Minang (Seah Im Food Centre - #01-36)?!? Shiooook! There’s nothing more satisfying for me than mixing up rice with curry and balado for that creamy, spicy kick. The fried chicken had a really nice crisp skin too but what you want to get is their super tender rendang (didn’t get a photo ☹️) that came with wobbly chunks of cartilage attached!

The friendly Malay aunties also shared that after 4:30pm, they start selling curry puffs and after that at 7pm, they start selling nasi lemak! Looks like a revisit is in order!

Looks like value for money 🤔 Do they have this in the evenings or nasi lemak only
Jess W Not too sure about that. I would think they probably won’t replenish too much of their nasi padang stuff at night