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PRICE: $14 including 2 bowls of white rice. Enough for two adults.

RATES: Counts by portion, not by weight.
Veg $1
Meats $2
Seafood/Beef/Mutton $3
Instant noodles $2
Rice $0.50

SPICINESS LEVEL: Ordered medium -- zero kick for me, "spicy" for him. Will have to order 大辣 the next time.

WAITING TIME: A long queue greeted us at 8pm on a Wednesday.
8 minutes to reach the point of choosing ingredients.

Another 10 minutes to collection.

- Not oily
- No peppercorns
- Fragrant
- Will not order again: Quail eggs (saw the person grab 5 to 6 into our ordering plate but there were only 3 quail eggs in our bowl later)
- Will order again: Pork belly, chicken, mock fish maw, 大白菜

WILL WE RETURN? Yes, when I'm in the East

COMPARED TO RIRIHONG: Not as spicy, fragrant and cheap