So greedy me couldn't pick just one flavour to have, and since they offer fresh Thyme Cones for I was early and they didn't have any, I decided why not go for two scoops instead — one in a cup and one in a Thyme Cone (it's the only cone available and costs an additional $1 more). If you are one who prefers fruity flavours but can't do with a sorbet (which fully describes myself btw), this is it; the Spiced Pear isn't quite like the White Chrysanthemum where it faded out with milkiness — the flavours actually managed to stay through the end and it's rather refreshing for a cream-based gelato where you could actually taste how fresh it is; almost akin to biting into an actual pear with a little hint of spices such as the Star Anise and Cinnamon added into it. Admittedly this flavour isn't the best combination to pair the Spiced Pear gelato with — a little too strong as the herbed flavours felt blanketed by the gelato, but you could still taste the fragrant buttermilk batter and the flavours of the herb when you reach the bottom. Both things are items I would go back for, but perhaps the next time I shall leave the Spiced Pear gelato in a cup while perhaps pair the Thyme Cone up with the Basil gelato instead.