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One of the oldest fish head steamboat that is still using charcoal for their steamboat, which explains their soup is so full-bodied and incredibly sweet!

Do check out their Premium Dragon Grouper Fish Head Steamboat which is just normally served at high class Chinese restaurants and these delicious "zi char" dishes - Shan Lao Hor Fun ($6.80/$28.80), Crisp-fried Prawn in Golden Pumpkin Sauce ($18.80/$28.80), Champagne Pork Ribs ($12.80/$18.80), Stir-fried Sambal Sotong ($11.80/$17.80), Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clam ($15.80/$20.80) and Four Heavenly Kings ($8.80/$12.80), only available at the new outlet along Owen Road!

Thank you @nanhwafishboat and #brandcellar for having us tonight!

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