This recently opened restaurant on the third floor of JEM houses two concepts under the same roof — Japanese shabu (hotpot) or kintan (grilled meats). The concepts are kept separate, meaning your whole group must choose between having hotpot or grill, and each table must select the same buffet type. Make sure you come to a decision before stepping in. For both concepts, skip the Regular Buffet ($24.80 for Shaburi, $27.80 for Kintan) and go for the Special Shabu ($29.80) or the Kintan Buffet ($34.80) — the meats come from better quality cuts. Maximise the 90-minute feeding frenzy, for there are many stations to conquer. Dining at any of the two concepts gives you access to the cooked food, vegetables, drinks and soft serve stations. Make your own seaweed, curry or spicy fries with the powders provided, or stuff yourself silly with smooth chawanmushi, freshly fried chicken or lightly battered tempura. For your last fifteen minutes, head to the soft serve counter for milky vanilla soft serve, sprinkled with your favourite toppings.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See