Quite crowded during lunch. Bowl was filled to the brim filled with 2 poke (ordered original salmon and wasabi salmon), base (white rice) and 4 toppings (nori seaweed, flying roe, fried onions, beancurd skin). It was also filled with lots of lettuce.

Wasn't expecting so much salad in the bowl (my fault, thought it was similar to poke theory.) but was pleasantly surprised with the portion of sashimi in the bowl and I was quite satisfied with it. I think the fried onions paired nicely with the whole bowl.

Remember to claim the $5 shopback voucher (pay $1 or use your cashback to offset) and get the bowl for $10.40. Worth it at $10.40 but not really at $15.40. Eat also more shiok when you know you saved $5.