Simple. Classy. Elegant. Words that describe this place if you’re able to ignore the adjacent escalator, carrying a never-ending stream of people who can’t help but eyeball what you’re eating😂 Thanks to #burpplebeyond , we capitalized on the 1 for 1 and got both the croissant and waffle sets, along with a GIANT scoop of ✨pistachio, ✨rum & raisin and ✨hazelnut chocolate. The pistachio is a classic must-have which I am NUTS about; infused with a rich roasted flavor and...did I mentioned nutty?? In terms of both taste and fillings🤤 Waffle - though small - was crisp on the outside and soft within, complete with the faintest aroma of buttermilk. 🥐
The croissant base is a welcome deviation from the norm - served warm, the buttery flakes soaked up every bit of gelato and complemented the sweetness of both flavors (rum & raisin and chocolate hazelnut) perfectly😍 ‘Twas a truly decadent post-lunch dessert, so glad I could savor both of these for the price of one!!! If you’re a broke university student like me...well it’s time to get burpplin’!!!😂