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Hans Im Glück ($17) and Birkenwald ($17)

Hans Im Glück: The Italians created parma ham and rocket pizza but the Germans are truly ingenious for making this into a burger!! How great it is to be able to satisfy two cravings at one go! 🥰 I really enjoyed this one-of-a-kind burger flavour for its juicy tender beef patty which went super well with the slight bitterness of the fresh rocket and saltiness of the parma ham and parmesan cheese.

I like that the burgers here are not too oily and you can enjoy the bread (choice of sourdough or multigrain) au naturale - you know how burger buns are usually just a sponge to soak up all the oil?? NOT HERE! Do try the sweet potato fries too! (Similarly not too oily and jelat, fantastic with the variety of sauces to play around with)

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