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This seems to be an unpopular opinion among my friends, but I really enjoy the cheese foams on bubble tea so it was a no brainier to order a cheezo tea at HEYTEA.

Despite the queue, it moves very quickly, we barely had time to skim and take in the menu when the queue of 5 people ahead of us quickly moved along. With the pressure to order quickly, I pointed to one of the recommended items on the menu - the Cheezo King Fone and opted for 25% sugar.

The wait for collection is slightly longer, but it moves relatively quickly. I still have no idea what the King Fone tea is but it pairs very nicely with the cheese foam! The slightly bitter taste of tea, sweetness from the sugar, and the savoury taste of the cheese foam come together really well. I’ll be back to try the other ice cream flavours and cheezo BBT!