Had a wonderful time trying out some of the new and popular dishes at Good Bites @goodbitessg and really liked many of them 😍 Here are my favourites:

Prawn Pesto Pasta - if you love your pesto, this rendition is a good one. The taste of basil is strong yet not overpowering, and it was greatly enhanced by the umami coming from the sauteed garlic and onions. Pasta was al dente, prawns were plump and snappy. I thoroughly enjoyed this!

Beef Lasagna - been some time since I've had lasagna, and this reminded me how much I've missed it. It was very cheesy, stuffed full of minced meat and the pasta was also still rather al dente! The tomato sauce had the right balance between sweet and savoury too. However it can get quite rich, so best to share.

Strawberry Osmanthus Earl Grey Tea - this is one good refreshing choice. All flavours within the tea complemented each other well, and loved the whipped cream on top! This is no canned whipped cream; I could tell that it's made in house using fresh cream and it's a good contrast to the refreshing tea below.

With quite a few tables, this is one place to gather with your friends for meals! It's halal certified too 😍 Thank you @eatwithkeat for inviting and @goodbitessg for the food! Had such a lovely time 😁