20 Mar’21, Sat🌤
📍Craft Pizza
- Heirloom Tomato Caprese🧀
- Prosciutto Bruschetta🍞
- Crispy Chicken “Parm” Wings🍗
- Fusilli Carbonara🥓
- Pesto Alla Genovese🍝
- Ai Funghi🍕

The combi of cheese and tomato of the heirloom tomato caprese is just so good~ will recommend this dish!

Next must-order is the prosciutto bruschetta! It is crispy toast with rocket leaves & balsamic, Parma ham, cherry tomato & garlic confit, flavourful but yet not surfeit!

The pesto pasta is also delicious! Like the roasted pine nuts, and also the thick creamy pesto sauce, countered by the cherry tomato which makes it a little refreshing so one can’t get sick of it.

The Ai Funghi pizza is good too, like the thick crust, it’s super filling, and pizza can’t go wrong with mushrooms, cheese and onion right or not~

As for crispy wings, gd for sharing but it’s okay to go without too (so-so only), as for the carbonara, find it a little too bland, suggest to skip this dish...

Suggest to make a reservation before going, limited seats available and tends to get a little noisy when the crowd came in, closed on Sun...

Damage: $144.77

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