My gf insisted on getting a veg and what do you know? Best dish of the evening. Srsly why do I even bother pouring through reviews and making a game plan for what we gonna order when she's got ultimate luck on her side?

Anyway this was fantastic. Veg was cooked perfectly, and I'm not using that term lightly. Sauce was light yet savoury and there's a good body to it.

Feel like fook kin is overrated. For this price(restaurant price basically) this is what you would expect, we paid 46 for 2 pax. Ofc it seems v good when you're comparing it against normal hawkers but normal hawkers aren't charging you 20 per pax. If you must come, come for their char siew and siobak, probably skip the rest. Oh and the veggies too, best I've tasted I believe (tired of those w gloopy sauce)

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