Tucked in a corner of Orchard Gateway lies a hole in the wall Japanese donburi shop. Their signature dish - the beef donburi, looked very impressive. The thinly sliced wagyu beef was deliciously roasted till medium rare and aesthetically wrapped around the rice. At the side, a refreshing yogurt sauce flows, complementing its savoury counterparts. And finally, at the top, an egg lies, although we broke the yolk for a more dramatic picture. :P

This is my second time having this dish. I would say that the quality of food here is good and seems consistent. Initially I thought that the amount of beef is quite little - but taking into account the quality, price, and location, I actually think it’s pretty reasonable, given that some donburis in hawkers or less accessible areas are getting quite expensive now, or taking a compromise on quality.

If you’re looking for decent donburis in the Orchard area, Gyu Nami is a safe pick - you get a decent bowl for a reasonable price, and can enjoy it in a casual dining setting. With Burpple Beyond, you can get two bowls for $25, saving $5.

The shop has vintage Japanese posters lining its walls, and an impressive amount of boxes of anime figurines - apparently won from claw machines by the owner. If you’re curious, do ask the owner more about it - he is very friendly and appears happy to share interesting stories about his shop and hobbies.

Thank you Burpple for the invite, and Gyu Nami for hosting us!