Beach Road Scissor-Cut Curry Rice has always been my go-to comfort food as this is one of my family’s favourite dinner/supper spots ever since I was a kid.

We ordered braised pork belly, curry chicken wings, cabbage and ngoh hiang for 3 pax and it costs $21.40, which is pretty reasonable given the generous portion. One thing to note is that the curry is barely spicy, so if you are looking for a fiery kick, this probably will not work for you. Having said that, the combination of thick curry and braised sauce is delicious, with a slight sweet undertone that complements the flavours. It is a sloppy mess when ladled over a plate of rice, but this is one tasty mess.

The braised pork belly is not the kind that melts in your mouth, but there is a good meat-to-fat ratio and the savoury dark sauce complements the curry. The chicken wings are stewed in a rich and aromatic curry sauce till they are fall-off-the-bone tender. The cabbage is very soft and sweet - this is actually one of my favourite dishes and we always order double portion of this. As for the ngoh hiang, it is not crispy at all but that does not bother me as the pork filling is well-seasoned and it goes well with the curry.

It’s kind of weird because the different components are rather ordinary on their own but it tastes really good when you throw everything together and drench it in that thick curry and braised sauce. Simple pleasures in life👍🏻