I don't think this needs any more introduction! Despite the slightly inconvenient location, we went there on a rainy weekend afternoon and thankfully the queue was relatively short! But alot of the flavours I wanted to try were sold out by then as well, like the famed black smm 😭 nevertheless we had the peanut, yam and coconut one and we really regretted not getting more.

Peanut - chunky peanut paired with chewy mochi like akk skin 😍 (ahma didnt like how chunky it was but i LOVE it)

Yam - ahma loved this!! It was a smooth yam paste kind of texture that isnt too sweet and just melts in your mouth together with the soft akk skin ☺

Coconut - coconut was pretty average actually? I couldn't remember how the coconut tasted but guess it meant it didnt leave much of an impression :/

Definitely going back to try their black ssm and green tea next time 😍