Jinjo is one of my favourite meals of 2020.

Jinjo has been offering pretty value-for-money lunch sets. They have three options for lunch sets: the gyu (beef) at $35++, the tori (poultry) at $25++ and the unagi (eel) at $32++. All sets come with salad, pickles and soup. I opted for the gyu and I was blown away.

The Kagoshima beef was tremendously delicious - it had a good ratio of lean meat to fat, well seasoned and cooked to perfection (medium rare)! However, what really separated Jinjo from other sumiyakis was their care and attention to detail. Most restaurants understandably wouldn’t put too much consideration towards the sides but not at Jinjo. It seemed like every element that was served had a gastronomic purpose. The miso soup was wonderfully rich, the salad was crisp and tasty and even the pickles were beautifully sweet.