Had been hearing about people rave about Singapore's first Israeli restaurant for the longest of time, and so I was pretty excited to finally get to try their food.

Abu Kebab ($24)
This pita came loaded - stuffed generously with beef and lamb meatballs, tahini, salsa, chilli, pickles, onion and parsley. No idea how they did it but there were definitely min. 5 of these meatballs that were pretty juicy and flavourful. The gamey taste isn't too overpowering here, so even for someone who isn't a fan of lamb, I'd gladly gobble these up. I pretty much enjoyed the flavours here, and I'd have to say this pita is crazy filling.

There's also free flow Pita bread and Tahini at the counter, but do save your stomach for the mains 🤭😉.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10