what i love about 8 degree’s is that there’s more meat to pork fat (while elsewhere has more fat than meat), which… idk i guess is a bad thing if you want to eat the pork fat but for me its a good thing bc i dont like the taste of pork fat HAHA. so 8 degree’s is the closest i can get to having pork meat with the wonderful 卤汁. i just love lu rou fan so much recently, there’s a simple charm to it that makes me want more and more. its a pity its 70% pork fat most of the time lol i wish its pork slices/minced meat instead… we also got tang xin egg which is like ur ramen egg basically & scallion oil chicken rice (unpictured). these r also my favs to get here! the scallion oil rice is wonderful too, the sauce is sweet and it makes just eating rice alone nice too. the chicken is slightly tough but its ok cos the sauce carries the rice bowl.

Where's this place u speak of with more fat than meat? Haven't seen anything authentic liddat in singapore