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What is included:
3 kinds of appetizer - edamame, tamago with eel, tako wasabi
Fresh oyster with smoked tomato sherbet
5 kinds of assorted sashimi - ebi, tuna, salmon, yellow tail, sword fish sashimi
Grilled seasonal item - grilled yellow tail
2 kinds of aburi sushi - aburi salmon and sword fish sushi
1 mini chirashi don
Soup of the day - asari miso soup
Dessert - yuzu ice cream

Comes with 250ml cold sake. Got to say their sake options quite limited though. They have interesting cocktails going at $12 each (happy hour price)

Overall, super good value for the food served. Very substantial! Particularly enjoyed the grilled yellow tail and the aburi sushis. The promising menu definitely deserves a second visit! They have another promotion for 1-1 wagyu 9 course meal at $68.80++ I might be back to try!

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