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"Friends who have known me for a long time would know about my rather strict mother. Because of my curfew, a trip down to Seng Kee would a very rare occurrence for me. Those trips could only happen if my club's basketball training would end earlier (which really happened once in a blue blue moon), where my teammates and I would troop down to the outlet along Changi Road for some team bonding over Mee Sua.
I can still vividly remember having my first bowl. One sip of the rich flavourful herbal soup, and I was sold!! Grabbing my chopstick and ignoring how hot the soup was, I tucked in steadily. The mee sua and the fresh pork meat and organs were all on point. The table would be oddly quiet while we wolfed down everything greedily as we were too hungry after training.
However, I returned a few times occasionally to and realised a sharp drop in standard. Till recently, I found that they had another branch at Kaki Bukit Food Market, where the taste and everything was just as I remembered it to be 5 years back! Having a bowl of it now still reminds me of all the post-training bonding session I used to have with my teammates. #hawkerpedia"

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