​Kyoho Pornstar
A Sexy and Seductive Gin-based cocktail with Kyoho Grape Juice, Elderflower, Lychee and topped up with Prosecco. Garnished with Dried Grapes 》$16

An Elegant Drink with Volka & Lychee Liqueur with a Hint of Raspberry & Sour Plums in the Finish​ 》$16

Lychee Martini 》$15

Fruits Of Heaven
A ​D​elightful ​C​ocktail with ​P​ear ​V​olka ​B​ase with a Finish of ​P​each and ​C​ondensed ​Milk 》$16

7 Sins of Yishun
A Dark and Mysterious Twist of the Long Island Tea. Brewed with 7 Sinful Ingredients 》$16

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