What a ridiculous price for these golden and buttery crabs. The fresh are fresh, meaty, even though they are small (I am comparing them to the standard Sri Lankan crabs). That dry butter coat, is well-balanced and not over salty, and because the crabs are small, they make such a good snack. The prices of the crabs are as such: 3-for-25, 2-for-30, 2-for-35, 2-for-40. When my brother told us to make a trip down for dinner, I was already blown away by the prices. Never knew such hidden-gem still kinda, sorta (well at least to me) hidden for so long. And while I am warning you guys, not to expect so much on the size, but I personally found the size to be extremely reasonable for the price you are paying. This standalone Zichar restaurant is family run, and extremely no frills. Don't expect great service because they are already jammed pack when we arrive at 6.30pm (although I found them trying and endearing). Drinks are practically self-service. There are 3 Chefs whipping out dishes after dishes, and you can see the fury of the woks and fire through the glass between the kitchen and dining. Come for the cheap thrill, and messy eating at such great prices. I am definitely coming back for more, such as their lala dishes that I saw coming out constantly and their fish head dishes!