From Nanami Izakaya, which had recently opened its doors at [email protected]Anson between The Local Box and SOMA Coffee. Available during lunch hours, all sets come with soup, salad and dessert.

The Barachirashi Don comes with chopped sashimi such as salmon, tuna and swordfish amidst other condiments like Tamago and cucumber — the Barachirashi Don is served at room temperature; the cubes of fish being pretty fresh and carried enough bite while the other condiments give a varied texture such as the refreshing crunch of the cucumber and layered Tamago that comes along with it. The sushi rice carried a subtle sweetness whilst being pearly, laced in a savoury sauce. A pretty value-for-money bowl overall, considering it costs $16.90 as a set, whereas most would serve the same at a comparable price ala-carte.

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