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If there is one thing I miss most about eating in Singapore is the taste of adventure.
Everything on the island is world class, pre-calculated, refined, proper and above all, sanitized and... well, risk-free (read: boring!). Over time, you'll begin to wonder, where is their sense of adventure? You know, the dodgy kind where you let yourself get lost in a labyrinth of backalleys and then stumble upon a plate less eaten by the general population.

But on rare occasions, you meet another like-minded immigrant, who grew up believing that "uncertainty" is the magical ingredient in making a wonderful meal. @Hairyberry is one of such adventurous soul who I am lucky to call a friend. And sharing "dodgy" meals with him have been nothing short of joyful.

Last night, we decided to give "exotic" Myanmar food a try, and Peninsula Plaza shopping mall is apparently the epicentre for all things Burmese.

We were probably THE only "locals" eating among a camaraderie of Burmese expatriates. Mandalay specializes in food hailing from, well, Mandalay - which has a heavy Chinese influence due to the large number of immigrants who migrated from Yunnan, China over the years.

There are two dishes that is seen on every table: the Mandalay Mee Shay (blanched thick rice noodles mixed with fermented black beans and a savoury gelatinous gooey flour-based substance, topped off with coriander, pork slices, bean sprouts, dried chilli and onion oil). It was tossed with substantial flavour-enchancers to give it enough street credit to its name.

The other is the a Grilled Tilapia Fish stuffed with preserved tea leaves (with a taste similar to the Chinese pickled cabbage but smells foul enough to make you remember it for an eternity!) and other spices, then barbecued until well-charred and crispy.

Another equally popular dish is a peanuty interpretation of China’s mala chilli sauce tossed with blanched vegetables.
The menu here is quite extensive menu but unfortunately offers very brief English name telling you what each dish is – 'Meat salad' for example – but ask any of the servers, there are really friendly despite their command of English.