I’ve heard that their burrata pizza sells out by night time occasionally, so I tried to preorder it when making the table reservation but they don’t allow for preorders. Had a late dinner at 8pm, and true enough they said the *burrata* was sold out. Then how?? I came here solely for the burrata pizza.

Okay, gotta adapt. Truth be told what I liked about the burrata pizza was the crust, tomatoes/tomato sauce and basil pesto. The burrata was not my main focus. So I asked if I could order the burrata pizza without the burrata, but the lady suggested the margherita (which comes with everything the burrata pizza has sans the burrata and basil pesto). Hence my order: a margherita pizza with an add-on of basil pesto.

This was D E L I C I O U S. I’ve reviewed their burrata pizza before and I’m pleased to know that the consistency is there - crust was crunchy, thin enough such that you don’t feel like it’s too much, but thick enough to provide that bready chewiness and satisfaction. Tomatoes were joosy and sweet, pretty good quality; they don’t just lay on cheap supermarket cherry tomatoes. Tomato sauce + basil pesto was tangy and delicious.

I’m actually not really a pizza person. I haven’t tried zazz / blue label so I’m not sure how it compares but right now (and for the past 8 months) Lino’s burrata pizza has been my fav / most memorable pizza! Now I’ve found an even better combi - the margherita + basil pesto, which is more generous with the pesto as compared to on the burrata pizza.

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