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A quiet cafe known for their cute baked goods and good coffee located nearby Lavender MRT.

Their “Cold Brew White” [$7] is as good as I remember. The homemade cold brew is mellow and smooth. It’s definitely my go-to drink when I am at this cozy cafe.

I also tried their “Hojicha Tiramisu”. It has the components of Hojicha mascarpone, Hojicha tea soaked ladyfinger cream and Hojicha powder. At first glance, it’s almost as if it is a copy of a bottle of Kaya. For the appearance wise, it’s definitely interesting and eye-catching. However, while the taste was good at the start, it definitely became too overbearing near the middle. There was just too much cream and not enough ladyfinger. Though I enjoyed its appearance, I cannot say I liked the proportion of ladyfinger to cream in this dessert. It was a good try but I don’t think I will be ordering this again.

Still, Two Bakers is one of the cafes which I will definitely return to. The ambience, coffee and other good desserts are more than enough reasons to keep me a loyal customer.