Surrounded by the Christmasy vibes!!!! 🎄 ordered the joyous mini party set which includes mixed leaf salad / impossible meat casserole with sweet potato and cheese crust / stuffed spring chicken with garlic herb sauce / honey glazed chicken ham with raisin and berry butter sauce / garlicky butter rice / fruit punch (truffle fries & pastas were separate orders from other stalls!)

My favourite favourite got to be the impossible meat casserole!!!! Deserves a paragraph on its own!! The sweet potato was blended so smoothly and complemented the cheese crust so well (the cheese wasn’t overpowering and overly gelat). Plus the impossible meat really tasted like actual meat (thought it was beef for a moment) v v yummy christmas special!!

The rest was good as well - chicken dishes were average but got to say the portions for everything were huge!!

Yo do you two have ig for food as well?
Hello! Haha yes we recently opened our food account, ig handle is :) Do you have one?
Yup just followed!