Once again back at our favourite gelato shop and left fully satisfied!

We had their Lava Cake ($6.50), but although it wasn't as flowy as the previous time we had, it was still as rich and chocolatey as I remembered! Perfect accompaniment to our gelato! The flavours we had were their Tiramisu ($6.50) and Summer Fruit ($5) which were top-notch.

The Tiramisu gelato had a good balance of coffee and chocolate flavours, with a tinge of alcohol. It was rich and aromatic, all without being too sweet. The biscoff crumbs added extra texture! The Summer Fruit was a direct contrast, with its sour tangy and citrusy flavours. It tasted very strongly of passionfruit which made it absolutely refreshing for the hot weather.

We love how the owners were so kind and generous in giving out their free samples of ice cream before your order, and I think this is what makes their customers come back too. Will be back again and again!