Chanced upon an an interesting Yong Tau Foo stall at Chinatown Complex (Tak Hei Delicacy at #02-18) that specialises in Hakka YTF:) I ordered 6-piece YTF with Hakka Noodles ($4.60) that turned out to be pretty good - the egg noodles tossed in minced meat sauce reminds me of Koo Kee YTF:) The Hakka Abacus Seeds ($3) are fried with mushroom, minced meat and garlic and has a nice fragrance to it - the yam beads are a little soft though, thought they could be a tad chewier:) Overall, although the variety of YTF ingredients is smaller than usual, I felt that the interesting variety of carbs (be it Hakka noodles, abacus seeds or chee cheong fun) made up for itπŸ‘πŸ»