Glorious, glistening ribs that was everyone’s favorite dish at the table. For 800g, this was huge. Loved how tender the meat was, falling right of the bone. On top of how soft the meat was, it was also brilliantly coated with a tangy barbecue sauce that had a great balance of sweet and savoury. I personally dislike bbq sauce because I can’t stand how some can be overtly sweet, but this was just nice. The grilled ends with crispy charred edges also helped to give an additional layer of texture to the tender meat. However, no matter how delicious this was, I think it would be best to share this simply because having too much of this might just decrease the satisfaction from this slab of sticky ribs. Still, one of the best ribs I’ve tasted.

When I came on a weekday evening, there was a fair amount of both families, couples, and friends. Really attests to the versatility of Hard Rock as a location for food, drinks, and chill out fun. The service staff here were also extremely polite and patient, nothing more I could ask for!


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