This hot pipping bubbling claypot of Hokkien mee is definitely no stranger to the public. Kim Keat Hokkien Mee has been around for quite some time and have even made it to the news.

What I love best about this dish is that everything is cooked on the spot, before being transferred into a heated claypot which ensures that the stock in which the Hokkien Mee was cooked in was bubbling upon arrival.

The stock was filled of rich flavours of pork and prawn, which the noodles simmered in for a good 10 minutes with ingredients such as bean sprouts, pork belly, egg, prawns & clams. After which, it is being topped with crispy sio bak (pork belly) to add more oomph to the pieces of lard available.

The best part, if you’d like the crispy parts of claypot rice, you can get the same with this claypot Hokkien mee! Just leave the noodles to bubble a little longer than usual before mixing them all together and you’d your crispy & crunchy bits of noodles in between the smooth silky ones.

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