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Back in the day, the Coffee Lounge at the Goodwood Park Hotel was one of the most popular post-clubbing supper spots. Crowds would flock there from whichever party venue they were at because there was nothing like comforting a belly sloshing in alcohol with some steaming hot porridge and a spread of dishes.
I am very happy to announce that even after all this time, the quality of said porridge, which is actually known as the “Taiwan Porridge A La Carte Buffet”, is as superb as ever.
Once seated, you will be given a menu with over 30 dishes to pick from. All but three of them (they are the pricier seafood of pomfret and prawns) are unlimited in servings, so you have the freedom to repeat those you love.
The dishes I enjoyed a lot would be the fried pomfret (every part including fins and tail are edible as it’s fried till extremely crispness), “chye por” omelette (a little oily but who cares), crunchy baby squid coated in sweet oyster sauce, sambal kangkong, beansprouts with salted fish, “mui choy” with pork, chilled beancurd with Japanese soya sauce and pork floss, and the pork belly braised in dark soya sauce.
Honestly, there were many more dishes I was dying to try but since there were only two of us (I went with a foodie friend), and we didn’t want to waste food, we did our best to not let our eyes-bigger-than-stomach tendencies get the better.
What we both agreed was the unassuming porridge was the vital component in this meal. Without its perfectly cooked consistency anchoring the flavour assortment before us, I think the two of us wouldn’t have been sighing so blissfully as we tucked in.
Not that either of us had belly space left to do it justice but there‘s a dessert spread included too. Comprising of local and Western styles that range from peranakan “kueh kueh” to Cantonese “tong shui”, from warm bread and butter pudding to ice-cream, there is plenty of options for a sweet ending.


From Monday to Thursday: $39++ per adult, $19.50++ per child.

From Friday to Sunday, and on the eve of and on Public Holidays: $42++ per adult, $21++ per child‪.‬