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Best shabu shabu ever tasted with quality service, top grade waygu beef and impeccable broth. Worth every single cent.

For a Top-of-the-Line Wagyu and Seafood Omakase Experience
Shabu Shabu
👉Nagasaki A5 Striploin👈
👉Tochigi A5 Ribeye👈
300 grams of A5 Nagasaki Sirloin ($330++)
300 grams of A5 Tochigi Ribeye ($330++)
1-for-1 Roku Gin to go with those juicy, fatty top-grade steak when dining at Fat Cow now.
We think this has to be The Gyu Don.
NEW On The Menu: The Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich ($108++)
Question: What’s 牛 (níu) about the Fat Cow Premium Donburi?
The Fat Cow Surprises With Some New And Really Delicious Cooked Fish Dishes
A5 Nagasaki Wagyu Carpaccio (Price: $48++)