They named themselves the Ugly Cake Shop because their cakes does not contain any artificial ingredients​ and using buttercream instead of fondant. Hence, losing out on the beautifully looking cake that are usually full of sugar frosting and dyes.

Visited them with the main purpose to try their Sally (Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate) cupcakes but they're unavailable during our visit 😭 Still, we decided to try the remaining available flavours.

Unfortunately while transporting them back, Big Daddy went for a 🎢 ride which turns out too ugly for a 📷 but that was also my favourite flavour among those three. I would say that their 🍰 are really moist and fluffy and not too 🍬, good enough for the young and old 👪.

- Bittersweet Chocolate

- Vanilla with a Kiss of Lemon

Big Daddy
- Super Chocolatey with Nutella & Valrhona