They’re on food panda! got my pancake cravings satisfied after fasting for two days,, was really sad the entire two days that i couldn’t eat because i was sick but these pancakes were so fluffy and it lifted my mood so much :D

They are really soft, and the butter taste and fragrant are so strong - if you dislike butter, thsi might not be for you. Would have preferred ice cream or cream cheese over the whipped topping that they gave which i didn’t really enjoy but the pancakes were real good, and thick. A little different from the ones at Breko Cafe, but good nonetheless. Probably 2nd on my list of pancakes (for now). Should get thsi to share tho, as the pancake portions are pretty huge and it can get a bit too surfeiting to finish all on your own, particularly because the butter taste is too heavy. the fruits were not enough in my opinion, it would be nicer to have more fruits since there was no ice cream to give a refreshing balance to the pancakes. would eat it again if i drop by there but wouldn’t make a special trip down for it.

Overall rating: 7/10
If they serve it with ice cream, it’s a solid 8.5/10