Apart from their sparkly drinks, Unicorn Tears and Gold Brew ($10 each), Dapper Coffee also serves uniquely flavoured cakes baked by Project Atrios that may raise eyebrows, but in a good way. Head straight for the cake counter, where you'd find their best-selling Salted Egg Black Sesame Cake (from $40 for a three-inch cake) with its distinct canary yellow salted egg sauce drizzled over the cake. It looks too rich to consume, but the black sesame flavour is light, and balances out the more intense salted egg sauce beautifully. If you want your birthday girl to feel extra extra special, contact Liz Yap, the baker, for a customised cake. Be sure to throw in all her favourite flavours together in the cake — like how our Burpple Tastemaker Vanessa Kou did for her truly unforgettable Chocolate Honey Banana Coconut Cake!
*Whole cakes have to be ordered two days in advance via Dapper Coffee's website
Photo by Burppler Kayla Cys