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Duke bakery has been around in Singapore for quite a while, but I have not tried their breads before. The prices of their breads are certainly not cheap and furthermore, paying a premium price for a big-sized bun with ‘no filling’ (or so I thought) isn’t exactly appealing to me. I walked in once after lunch, but left without buying anything. My hub was not even interested in trying the samples out.

It wasn’t until I read reviews praising their breads being healthier and delicious that I changed my mind.

It was about slightly after 9pm (they close at 9:30pm), when I walked past the Duke Bakery at White Sands, but most of their breads were already sold out.

I eyed the last roll of (black) sesame bread. I had read excellent reviews raving about their sesame bread. But their breads are not standard sized buns that just serve one. So I have to consider carefully. Healthier breads alone doesn’t appeal to my hub. It must tastes good. I prayed that it measures up to the taste of barcook’s cheese and walnut loaf before I took the plunge and paid for the last roll of sesame bread. The staff behind the cashier counter asked if I wanted my bread sliced, and i agreed. I was pleasantly surprised.

This bakery baked their breads using yeast from fermented fruits. Interestingly, their European-Japanese-style breads has a soft and light texture, unlike the typical European-style breads with a slightly/ much harder crust. On top of that, their breads are chocked full of ingredients, making them so value-for-money!

By the way, the black sesame paste was absolutely delicious. Like the bread, the filling was soft, had a nutty fragrance, was not too sweet! Awesome!

My hub, who isn’t even particularly interested in their bread nor (black) sesame (flavour, except for black sesame Ah balling), actually took the effort to tell me, in an excited state, with eyes wide opened, that the sesame bread was VERY good! He was so impressed that he actually suggested going down again to buy their bread! Yay!