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We got the avocado sweet potato one and topped up to brown rice cos #health and added tofu for some protein!! It was really yummy and ingredients were fresh :-) “I really liked it”-jack For the other bowl, we got the beef bulgogi one! I think this one wasn’t as good since I found it quite strange for the beef bulgogi to be served as a dish that leaned more towards the cold side. However, they were still relatively generous with the beef and the texture and taste was good :-) It doesn’t really matter what sauce you pick if you dine in since they will pass it to you in the bottle. This is unlike the takeaway option whereupon will get a small tub. I still preferred my previous option of soy chicken and buckwheat noodles :-( Would still go back to that the next time. Place was clean, not too crowded and comfortable in general! Service was fast so it’s a great meal option if you are in a rush! We went for the build your own bowl option so we could choose the sides we wanted - would really recommend the kimchi !! It’s a little spicier than regular kimchi in my opinion but super yumz! We spent $11.90 in total ($9.90 for each bowl but used the 1-1 deal, +$1 for brown rice, +$1 for tofu). Do note that add-ons and top-ups aren’t eligible for the 1-1 deal. Would rate this place overall 8/10! Definitely would come back even after both the 1-1 deals are used up teehee :-) - candace ✌🏻