Full disclosure: I’ve never been to King of Fried Rice’s flagship eatery in Golden Mile Tower because I could never be arsed to go that far. Beers & booze? Sure. Fried rice? Nah fam, pass. However, their second stall in Sengkang is a damn sight nearer to my home, so it was finally time to pass judgement on these fried rice merchants.⠀

The XO Fried Rice with pork chop was $6.80, which is about average for hawker alternatives to DTF (the Taiwanese xiao long bao restaurant, not the phrase to signify that you’re done with No Nut November). I don’t quite remember if King’s competition used short grain Japanese rice, but that elevated King’s XO fried rice. The felicitously fried rice was infused with a respectable amount of wok hei even though it could do with a little charring on the grains of glory.⠀

There’s an abundance of eggy goodness in the chaos of carbs, which does tamper the umami of the XO sauce that’s been fried with the rice, resulting in fried rice that’s a little less satisfying than expected. What is most definitely satisfying is the pork chop. It’s been pounded thin, and tenderised with baking soda. ⠀

Unlike many other places which leave the protein to tenderise for too long, King does it just right, producing pork that’s tastefully tender with a decent chew & resistance to it, instead of pork that feels like chewing a wet foam ball. The piece of porcine is seasoned satisfactorily, and it pairs quite well with the oily, mildly spicy fried chili.⠀

For $6.80, it’s hard to get renditions of pork chop fried rice that are better than King’s. They’re rice royalty for good reason, and a certain orange polo shirted uncle would probably agree.

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