Soup. That's what I feel notorious Soon Li Yong Tau Foo's good for. Boiled for hours with pork bones, soy beans and anchovies, it's a clear broth, slightly peppery yet loaded with flavour and depth. It's addictively comforting since we're sharing this in the middle of the night. They do also offer one of the largest selection for YTF that I've ever seen too.

Only beef we had with this joint is that some of their ingredients aren't cooked long/hot enough, which results in lukewarm soup after all those ingredients are dunked in. This explains the portable stove you spy in the photo, which we took the liberty of bringing our own, and since all their YTF are served in aluminum bowls, they heat up really nicely.

*Note: Aunty who mends the stall is actually nice to chat with, just as long as you DONT stand right behind her or block her way. Stay safe folks!

Opening hours: recently they've been turning their lights on only at 1am.