By the Les Amis group is Peperoni Pizzeria's new concept, The Pizza Collective. While there are a few signature pizzas on the menu like the awesome Rendang Power, Pig-na Colada and Kim-ky (kimchi and luncheon meat, anybody?), it's waaay more fun to create your own — think a Subway-esque process of building your own pizzas. Choose from an unlimited number of toppings, from over 28 ingredients and five sauces, to churn out the pizza of your dreams for just $12! Toppings range from smoked chicken breast to roast pork, kimchi to capers. Aside from savoury options, TPC features a couple of dessert pizzas, namely Monkey Business ($12), a combination of banana, Nutella drizzle, and almond flakes that can't go wrong, and Apple of My Eye ($12), essentially an apple pie, but disguised as a pizza. This is the kinda place for those who want to have fun with their food, certainly not for pizza purists! Come for a fun date, or a night out with picky friends. ;)