Woke up at 630 in the morning to get these freshly baked goodies at 7. These babies sell out as early as 9am on some days so we really didn’t want to take a chance.

Man, we were glad we got the tarts. There was already a queue starting to form at 7+.

Value-wise, these tarts are really worth it. Selling at only $1.20 a piece, it takes about 4-5 small bites to finish one tart and it goes perfectly well with a cup of kopi. We got both the orh nee (yam) and cheese tarts.

Taste-wise, the crust was buttery, light, and not greasy at all. The orh nee (yam) tarts were just the right amount of sweet. The whole gingko nuts provided a nice chewy texture to the soft orh nee paste.

I recommend having the lighter-tasting orh nee tarts before the cheese ones, even though you usually have savory before sweet. Reason being the cheese tarts were stronger-tasting and had a refreshing tinge of lemon in them. They reminded me of a wobblier, wetter version of a New York cheesecake in tart form.